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Tools KAD

Team work LEKAD form patterns through a network of cooperation between experts consisting of practitioners and researchers of various universities in the region. Synergy and empowerment experts competent national has been able to give input and facilitation of effective according to the various problems and situations that have the condition.
Pengutamaan empowerment of local wisdom and become a part of the konsp integrated in the activities.
LEKAD commitment is always to develop the capacity of policy, management concepts and KAD, both at the central and regional level, which can contribute significantly to the development of the region berkeadilan and development.


As a pioneer developer of Regional Management & Regional Marketing in Indonesia, LEKAD already have experience in developing skills and know how of the innovative approach of this region. Concept has to be tailored to the needs of the region in the current problems and future challenges.
KAD planning needs to produce a variety of programs and activities that are synergistic and 'mutual benefit' to all parties concerned. Untukitu required a planning instrument that is able to produce appropriate outputs so that the activities together. SKAD has been designed to meet specific needs.
KAD have a measurable and has the benefit of a 'soon' (& result oriented action). therefore LEKAD has also developed a means of measuring the activities and benefits of the so-called Chain ILGC Impact Analysis. through this method of evaluation activities can be obtained systematically from the form of activities, output and impact on the resulting.
many data and information at this time not based on the synergistic potential of the approach that reflects the strength of endogen the kewilayahan. Merging data and information in a systematic and structured according kebuituhan area obtained in the form of a Baseline KAD region.

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